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Proclamation of Baha'u'llah

CALL out to Zion, O Carmel,
and announce the joyful tidings:
He that was hidden from mortal eyes is come!

His all-conquering sovereignty is manifest;
His all-encompassing splendour is revealed.
Beware lest thou hesitate or halt.

Hasten forth and circumambulate the City of God
that hath descended from heaven,
the celestial Kaaba round which have circled
in adoration the favoured of God,
the pure in heart,
and the company of the most exalted angels.

O how I long to announce
unto every spot on the surface of the earth,
and to carry to each one of its cities,
the glad-tidings of this Revelation -
a Revelation to which the heart of Sinai
hath been attracted,
and in whose name the Burning Bush is calling:
`Unto God, the Lord of Lords,
belong the kingdoms of earth and heaven.'

Verily this is the Day in which both
land and sea rejoice at this announcement,
the Day for which have been laid up those things
which God, through a bounty beyond
the ken of mortal mind or heart,
hath destined for revelation.

Ere long will God sail His Ark upon thee,
and will manifest the people of Baha
who have been mentioned in the Book of Names.

The Most Great Law is come, and
the Ancient Beauty ruleth upon the throne of David.

Thus hath My Pen spoken that which
the histories of bygone ages have related.

(Baha'u'llah: Proclamation of Baha'u'llah, Page: 89)